Review: Strong Start in a new Era

September 20, 2017
Otto Paul Burkhardt, Südwestpresse

“The new Principal Conductor Fawzi Haimor takes the
audience by storm – with a strong yet lucid sound performing works from Adams, Copland and Tchaikovsky.”

“What a debut! Full of energy. And with an orchestra that sounds almost transformed – inspired with renewed enthusiasm and new ‘spirit’. Even more: a great chemistry between Fawzi Haimor and the audience was established instantly. “Good vibes” – and finally never-ending applause and cheers. The atmosphere of a new journey was in the air. The new Principal Conductor made a brilliant start – with Americana-Hits from John Adams (crazy) and Aaron Copland (magical). And with an expressive and sensitive Tchaikovksy no. 4. What more could you want?”

„The lucid Haimor-sound that we described back then: here it was again – at its best! In the long term, Haimor has the capability to raise the European based potential of the Philharmonic with the transatlantic qualities of leading US-orchestras to the next level.”

„And the way he conducts: full of energy, focused, on point and also flexible, springy (Adams) or with soft, flowing, elegant movements and sometimes with even dance-like moves at the rostrum (Copland): clear focus and charming ease are not mutually exclusive.”

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