Review: Happy New Yeah!

January 17, 2018
Otto Paul Burkhardt, Südwestpresse

“It comes down to the “how”: The way the Philharmonie played under the new Principal Conductor Fawzi Haimor was simply intoxicating. The result: a diversely dazzling, precise and detailed audible sound, presented with brilliant playing and swinging mood. And when needed even with a bang. Fawzi Haimor’s first New Year concert – it turned into a very promising and highly celebrated event: a strong start into 2018.”

“Fawzi Haimor turned it into an exciting orchestra-thriller – with lively skipping bassoons and horns. What’s more: he and the Philharmonie unleashed a strings-stream and wild chaos with a phenomenal cacophony and frenzied cries.”

“The highlight of the evening was the finale – George Gershwin’s seminal “An American in Paris” (1928). The Philharmonie proved that, thanks to Fawzi Haimor, they can perform with a “spirit” that can keep up with some of the major US orchestras. Haimor plays thrilling music-cinema – cosmopolitan city flair and strolling, street sounds, glamour and Charleston rhythms. Up to the superbly orchestrated blues – celebrated so blue as blue can be. Fawzi Haimor’s Gershwin interpretation is a performance which affirms a soundscape that brings joy to the heart, optimistic and promising.”

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