“What a debut! Full of energy. And with an orchestra that sounds almost transformed – inspired with renewed enthusiasm and new ‘spirit’. Even more: a great chemistry between Fawzi Haimor and the audience was established instantly. “Good vibes” – and finally never-ending applause and cheers. The atmosphere of a new journey was in the air. The new Principal Conductor made a brilliant start – with Americana-Hits from John Adams (crazy) and Aaron Copland (magical). And with an expressive and sensitive Tchaikovksy no. 4. What more could you want?”

Otto Paul Burkhardt, Südwest Presse

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October 20, 2018 730pm

Christoph Soldan, piano
Mendelssohn: Hebrides Overture
Schumann: Piano Concerto in A-minor, op. 54
Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 in F-major, op. 93

Stadttheater, Hildesheim, Germany

October 28, 2018 700pm

Beethoven Night
Matthias Kirschnereit, piano
Symphony No. 8 in F-major
Overture to Fidelio
Aria Florestan from Fidelio
Piano Concerto No. 4 in G-major
Symphony No. 5 in C-minor, op. 67

Stadthalle, Heidelberg, Germany

November 10, 2018 800pm

Noriyoshi Murakami, tuba
Berfin Aksu, violin
Ezgisu Apaydın, violin
Demirhan Gökbudak, violin
Muhammedjan Sharipov, violin
Yayalar: Anaclasis for Tuba (World premiere)
Vivaldi: Concerto for Four Violins in B minor, RV.580
Torelli: Concerto for Four Violins in A minor
Beethoven: Symphony No.5 in C minor, Op.67

Bilkent Symphony Hall, Ankara, Turkey

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